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ABSO Slide & Caress Slide.


OEKO-Tex Standard 100
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  • Abso Slide and Caress Slide are designed to increase safety and comfort in handling and positioning patients.
  • With its friction-reducing satin surface, Caress Slide becomes a perfect patient transfer product when used together with Abso Slide.
  • ABSO SLIDE is a patient transfer aid with all the benefits of a washable reusable underpad combined in one product. For ensuring the maximum efficiency and ease in handling and positioning patients; Caress Slide should be used at the bottom and AbsoSlide should be used on the top in a way that satin surfaces of both overlap.
  • You can fix AbsoSlide on the bed by placing the tuckings underneath the mattress to prevent uncontrolled sliding.
  • Before moving the patient, set the bed height to your waist level if it is adjustable.
  • Release the tuckings of AbsoSlide and put them up on the bed. Now the special handles under the tuckings will be at your hand level.
  • The patients’ knees should be moved to the chest and their feet must be placed on Abso slide. The arms must be placed across the body at the chest level and the chin must be tucked in.
  • While moving, gently slide the patient to the movement direction rather than putting load on your waist. Positioning the patient in a single movement will eliminate the risk of injuries for caregivers and the patient.
  • To sit a patient up in the bed with a sliding sheet in place make sure that it is well tucked in. You can than raise the knee gage first and then raise the head of the bed. The knee gage will assist the patient to maintain a safe sitting position.
  • ABSO Slide & Caress Slide make life easier for both, patients and caregivers.

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Reusable Underpads & Patient Transfer Aids

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