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Pro Medical Products

Precision Operation GownLiquid proof, breathable, does not allow perspiration

Precision Operation Gown is offering a stress free and safe working conditions for surgeons. The gown is antistatic due to the carbon yarn used in manufacturing process. Three layer sandwich lamination with a highly breathable and heat resistant polyurethane membrane the gown is permanently and totally liquid proof. Highly breathable PU membrane does not allow perspiration. Precision Medical Gown is designed to withstand heavy industrial washing cycles and therefore can be used many times.

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eliminate static electricity
Precision Operation Gown

Easy Wipe™ Bi-Elastic PU Mattress ProtectorA must have product for every hospital

Easy Wipe™ is made of PU coated pes jersey fabric that prevents micro wrinkles. Total weight ranges from 120g/m2 to 300g/m2 or more; the polyurethane coated bi-stretchable (stretchable in both directions) jersey fabric with the special finishing eliminates the risks of micro wrinkles thus the threat of Decubitus.

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can be easily cleaned by simply wipe it off
Easy Wipe™ Bi-Elastic PU Mattress Protector

Autoclave GloveSpecial design with aluminium coated

With its aluminium coating the autoclave glove provides perfect protection even at the temperatures. Specially designed to protect both your hands and arms.

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resistant to high temperatures
Autoclave Glove

Medfix Fixation TapeAnti allergic medical fixation tape

With its anti-bacterial nad anti-allergic properties, Medfix Fixation Tapes are especially perfect for sensitive skins. Micro pores enable skin to breath and do not cause decubitus. It is x-rayable, resistant and suitable for constant use. Easy application saves time..

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dermatologically tested
Medfix Fixation Tape


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