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Baby Care Products

Anti-Allergic Baby Sleeping SetLiquid proof, breathable, mattress, pillow, duvet cover

Fully enclosed and 100% cotton anti-allergic sleeping set. Breathable and waterproof polyurethane membrane with silver protection leaves no chance for bacteria and dust mites.Offers maximum comfort and protection.Natural cotton fibers create an healthy and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

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100% pure cotton
Anti-Allergic Baby Sleeping Set

Abso Baby Changing PadLiquid proof and breathable

Our softly padded, absorbent Abso Baby Changing Mat offers the comfort and full protection you need while changing your baby’s diaper. Due to the technical fibre composition; the surface of the pad dries very fast and highly absorbent fibers in the soaker layer lock the unwanted liquids inside. Our changing mat is completely waterproof and breathable. With the heavily padded head piece your baby will be safe and comfortable. You can roll it up and easily fit it in your bag.

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soft padded and super absorbent
Abso Baby Changing Pad

Flancy Baby Changing MatLiquid proof and breathable

Our flanel changing mat is made of 100% cotton fibres. It is soft, waterproof, breathable and when folded only as big as your purse. You can change your baby’s diaper with great comfort and confidence knowing your baby and surrounding s will be dry and clean.

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when folded only as big as your purse
Flancy Baby Changing Mat
  • Anti Bacterial

    Anti Bacterial

    Our baby care products provide an ideal environment for your babay by ensuring an excellent protection against the bacteria and dust mites causing allergy.

  • Anti Mite

    Anti Mite

    Our specially coated and laminated breathable and waterproof baby care products will keep your baby's sleeping environment dry and mite proof while your baby enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep.

  • Liquid Proof and Breathable

    Liquid Proof and Breathable 

    The liquid-proof and breathable polyurethane membrane acts as a shield preventing the transmission of sweat, urine, blood or any other fluids into the mattress. The breathable nature of the membrane will minimize sweating and create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby at all times.

  • Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate

    Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate

    All of our baby care products has Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1 Certificate.


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